Monday, March 17, 2014

Her perplexed Heart

She was throwing the petals down what a stupid game she was playing.
He loves her he does not love her.
Love always confused her and calculating the outcomes of her decisions
perplexed her Heart.
What if he threw her into a larger pit. Reality always bit her like a jaguar.
She preferred to live in her sand castle than to ride on the waves of the ocean.
Why was it so tough to believe people.
Why couldn't she judge people's intentions.
She liked playing with fire and later cried when she got burnt.
She had all the common sense than why couldn't she apply it when judging people.
Why did she closed her heart to the gut feeling.
Her perplexed heart and mind always were at war & nobody could tell who won.
Sometimes you have to let go and sometimes you have to keep holding she never understood the difference between these terms...

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