Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wish You Were Here

In the blessed sunrise -
I miss you most.
Sifting through the fragments,
of last night's fleeing dreams;
Reaching for remembrance
of your face.

In the scurry of mid-morn,
I miss you most.
With business besieging me;
this "octopus of answers",
is longing for the wisdom -
of your words.

In the blazing heat of noon,
I miss you most.
Breathing blessings upon bread,
that I long  to share with you.
I am grieving for the glory
of your grin.

Somewhere around three,
I miss you most.
With energy depleting,
and depression setting in,
I think about the thrill
of your embrace.

Jostled on the bus,
I miss you most.
With my body crushed
by strangers,
I am all alone with you.
Leaning on your shoulder,
in the Past.

Sunset is the time
I miss you most.
As darkness covers daytime,
my mind turns towards you,
Thinking of the shining
of your eyes.

As I wait for sleep to come,
I miss you most.
Tossing, in my lonely bed,
and feeling lost and sad,
I think about the
soothing of your touch.

Every moment of my day
I miss you most.
In chaos’ cruel cacophony,
I ache for peace and calm.
Wishing You would come -
and take me Home!

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