Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dangerous Road in the World

One of the Dangerous Road in the World - The Atlantic Ocean Road

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Jiss ko likhtay thay kabhi jaan se pyaray jaisa...

Jiss ko likhtay thay kabhi jaan se pyaray jaisa,
Door wo aisa huwa hai kay sitaray jaisa...

Iss kahani mein kahen tum tu nahi ho lekin,
Hai kahani mein koi aur tumharay jaisa...

Jahan milna tha wahan tum se bicharna hi para,
Ishq bhi tum ne kiya hum se guzaray jaisa...

Zakhm bhi daita hai marham bhi wohi banta hai,
Wo kinara bhi nahi karta hai kinaray jaisa...

Zindagi itni khasaray mein rahi hai meri,
Ab mujhay nafa bhi lagta hai khasaray jaisa...

Tum jo kehtay thay kay acha hai zamana hum se,
Ye batao k mila koi hamaray jaisa?...!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

How to build an iOS app in Swift

Building Your First Swift App? So far the Swift blog has focused on advanced programming topics, including the design principles of the Swift language. We thought it would be helpful to provide content for programmers who are new to Swift and just trying Xcode for the first time. To make it more approachable for everyone, we put together a very short video that demonstrates how to build an iOS app in Swift from scratch, in less than ten minutes.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Companions of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Companions of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) & daily life routine of their youth.

Speaker: Raja Zia-ul-Haq (President of Youth Club)
Place: Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad

Tum Kharay thay !! Imran Khan tum kharay thay !

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tumhen yaad ho keh na yaad ho...

Wo jo hum mein tum mein qarar tha tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho

wohi yani wada nibah ka tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho

wo naye gile wo shikayaten wo maze maze ke hikayaten

wo har ek baat pe ruthana tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho

koi baat aisi agar hui jo tumhare jee ko buri lagi

to bayan se pahale hi bhulana tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho

suno zikr hai kai saal ka, koi wada mujh se tha aap ka

wo nibahane ka to zikr kya, tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho

kabhi hum mein tum mein bhi chah thi, kabhi hum se tum se bhi reh thi

kabhi hum bhi tum bhi the aashna, tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho

hue ittefaq se gar baham, wo wafa jatane ko dam-ba-dam

gila-e-malamat-e-arqaba, tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho

wo jo lutf mujh pe the beshtar, wo karam ke hath mere hath par

mujhe sab hain yaad zara zara, tumhen yaad no ki na yaad ho

kabhi baithe sab hain jo ru-ba-ru to isharaton hi se guftagu

wo bayan shauq ka baramala tumhen yaad ho ki na yaad ho

wo bigadana vasl ke raat ka, wo na manana kisi baat ka

wo nahiin nahi ke har aan ada, tumhen yaad ho ki na yaad ho

jise aap ginte the aashna jise aap kahate the bewafa

main wohi hun “momin”-e-mubtala tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kinara Kar Liya Us Ne

Bohot Din Ho Gaye Shayad,

Sahara Kar Liya Us Ne,

Hamare Baad Bhi Aakhir,

Guzara Kar Liya Us Ne,

Hamara Zikr Bhi Us K,

Labon Pe Ab Nahi Aata,

Hame Ehsas Hai Hum Se,

Kinara Kar Liya Us Ne,

Wo Basti Ghair Ki Basti,

Wo Koocha Ghair Ka Koocha,

Suna Hai Ishq Bhi Ab To,

Dobara Kar Liya Usne,

Bhula Kar Pyar Ki Qasmein,

Wo Waade Torr Kar Usne,

Kisi Ko Zindgi Se Bhi,

Piyara Kar Liya Us Ne....!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

I loved you and still do. I will always.

Dear Love,

I hope you're doing good and there's not much to worry about in your life. I still sometimes wonder about what could have been. About how life changed in such a drastic way which made us to live so far from each other. From what I've learned it really is simple, you can't force people to love or remember you. You can only hope that they do. You can give them moments to cherish and days to remember. You can give them a reason to smile. In the end you can only be a reason but never the cause. You can only be the way but you can't force someone to walk. I loved you from the very first moment and still do. I will always. But i can only hope that you do too. I can only hope that someday you'll realise that what you've always been looking for was me. Am not blaming you. It's human to run after things and not really care about what we really have with us. But that's what really hurts us in the end. When we realise the running was nothing but a failed effort. We keep running our whole lives in search of finding our own stories. I hope that you'll find yours and most of all i hope that you won't be disappointed by what you find.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Roiyaan - Farhan Saeed (Music Video + Lyrics)

Composed by : Farhan Saeed, Jaidev
Lyrics : Kumar
featuring : Sabeeka IM
Styling : Ehtesham Ansari
Makeup : hunny
Directed by : Yasir Jaswal
Presenter : Lb Tunes


Khaabon ne hi dil dukhaya ankhon ka,
Hathon mein hai dard juda huay hathon ka,
Khaabon ne hi dil dukhaya ankhon ka,
Hathon mein hai dard juda huay hathon ka,

Sath chala jo meray bas wo tera saya tha,
Sadiyon tujh ko chaha bas do pal ko paaya tha,

Roiyaan Roiyaan akhiyaan Roiyaan
ansoun k bina Roiyaan

Roiyaan Roiyaan akhiyaan Roiyaan
ansoun k bina Roiyaan

Roiyaan Roiyaan akhiyaan Roiyaan
ansoun k bina Roiyaan

Saansen chal to rahi thi tekh se,
Tu ne pathar rakh diay larkhara k giri seenay mein,
Dard honay laga jeeny mein,
maza anay laga peeny mein peetay peetay,

peetay peetay

Roiyaan Roiyaan akhiyaan Roiyaan
ansoun k bina Roiyaan

Roiyaan Roiyaan akhiyaan Roiyaan
ansoun k bina Roiyaan

Zameen pe chaltay chaltay tum chaand ban gaiy,
Ham kharay hain wahen thay jahan se chalay,
Dekha hathon mein kahen tum door tak nahi,
Kyon khenchi be-matlab ki lakeerain tu bta,
Is baat pe larty larty ae Khuda,

Roiyaan Roiyaan akhiyaan Roiyaan
ansoun k bina Roiyaan

Roiyaan Roiyaan akhiyaan Roiyaan
ansoun k bina Roiyaan

naina paani mangday, naina paani mangday

haeyyyy,  naina paani mangday..

Monday, April 28, 2014

My Fairy

My fairy lives in her fairy land,
Not far away, just close to my heart,
She has the world’s best smile,
Away she goes, with her magical style,
She looks amazing when she walks,
Amuses everyone when she talks,
She is just like a shining star,
Sent to the world to remove all scars,
She glitters the environment with her charm,
Lightening up the moods of every arm,
She knows what to do in a bad time,
Fixes everything with a wave of lime,
A pure heart she has with the love that is divine,
Luckiest person on earth would drink her vine,
Qualities she has, is unlimited in number,
In her company, no one will get slumber,
Her presence gives the sweet love fragrance,
This drives everyone crazy taking all patience,
She doesn't even know how special she is,
Maybe in another life I will make it sure she knows,
May she get all what she has ever wanted,
I just know she is honest and will get the best,
In the end, I would like to confess,
She is the soul of my heart, nothing more, nothing less,
May Allah Almighty showers all the blessings on her,
Under which she flourish just like an angel,
My fairy lives in her fairy land,
Not far away, just close to my heart.

Ahmed Zaidi

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Badaltey Dekhay Hain !!

Yaqeen karain bhi to kis per karain aakhir,
hum ne logon key imaan badaltey dekhay hain,

mazi ki yaad mein jeenay walon hosh men aao,
hum ne waqt key halaat badaltey dekhay hain,

Gila karain kisi sey to kyun ker karain aakhir,
hum ne be-hissi key aamaal badaltey dekhay hain,

hiddat sey pighal jatey hen pathar bhi akser,
hum ne kaheen pathar dil bhi pighaltey dekhay hain,

hikmat yeh hi hey key bhool jo aagay berho,
hum ne mustaqbil key kha o khaal badaltey dekhay hain,

badal key khud ko bhi dekha,magar dil na badla,
hum ne sachay dil walley chaal badaltey dekhay hain,

chalo maaf kertey hen sab khataon ko un ki,
hum ne zindagi key kayee mor badaltey dekhay hain,

faida kuch bhi nahi ab aanso bahaney sey,
hum ne musafaton key ahwal badaltey dekhay hain,

aakhir ko kat hi jata hey waqt tanhai key sath,
hum ne tanhai men apney kayee saal badaltey dekhay hain,

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Game of Thrones Season 4: Trailer 4

The 4th trailer of the TV Series Game of Thrones Season 4 is released today on Facebook Live at Game of Thrones NYC Premiere.

Game of Thrones NYC Premiere Full Video:

Monday, March 17, 2014

Her perplexed Heart

She was throwing the petals down what a stupid game she was playing.
He loves her he does not love her.
Love always confused her and calculating the outcomes of her decisions
perplexed her Heart.
What if he threw her into a larger pit. Reality always bit her like a jaguar.
She preferred to live in her sand castle than to ride on the waves of the ocean.
Why was it so tough to believe people.
Why couldn't she judge people's intentions.
She liked playing with fire and later cried when she got burnt.
She had all the common sense than why couldn't she apply it when judging people.
Why did she closed her heart to the gut feeling.
Her perplexed heart and mind always were at war & nobody could tell who won.
Sometimes you have to let go and sometimes you have to keep holding she never understood the difference between these terms...

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Usay Bhool Ja

Kahan aa kay ruknay thay rastay, kahan mor tha usay bhool ja,
wo jo mil gaya usay yad rakh jo nahi mila usay bhool ja,

wo teray naseeb ki barishein kisi aur chat pe baras gayein,
dil-e-bekhabar meri baat sunn usay bhool ja usay bhool ja,

mein to gum tha teray hi dheyan mein, teri aas, teray gumaan mein,
saba keh gai meray kaan mein mere saath aa usay bhool ja,

kisi ankh mein nahi ashk-e-gham, tere baad kuch bhi nahi hai kam,
tujhe zindagi ne bhula dia tu bhi muskura usay bhool ja,

kyun attaa hua hai ghubaar mein, gham-e-zindagi k fishaar mein,
wo jo darj tha teray bakht mein, so wo ho gaya usay bhool ja,

na wo ankh he teri ankh thi, na wo khawb he tera khawb tha,
dil-e-mutazir tou ye kis liay,tera jaagna, usay bhool ja,

ye jo raat din ka hai khel sa, isay dekh, is pe yaqeen na ker,
nahi aks koi b mustaqil, sir-e-aaina usay bhool ja,

jo bisaat-e-jaan he ulat gaya, wo jo rastay mein palat gaya,
usy roknay se hasool kya, usay mat bula, usay bhool ja.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ellen Page Joins HRCF's Time to Thrive Conference

On Friday, February 14, actress Ellen Page speaks about the brave decision to live openly and authentically.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

24th International Mountain & Nature Photography Competition 2013

Video with photos honoured at the 24th International Mountain and Nature Photography Competition "Memorial Maria Luisa".

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kid Drifting with his Girlfriend !!

Asian kid drifting in a car with his girlfriend LOL.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bulldog Fighting with Lion !!

Haha cute..bulldog attacking again and again.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Make your Own Electric Guitar at Home !!

Don't make your electric guitar this way! Just learn to be safe with electricity...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Dhundla Aasman - Saturn The Band - Live at Kuch Khaas

Saturn the Band performing live in concert at Kuch Khaas Rock Fest 2014 on 31st January 2014.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The very First time your Crush Calls You

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cuteness Level over 9000 !!

cute puppies !

We all have that One Clumsy Friend

LOL, Yeah We all have that one friend.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

National Anthem of Pakistan on Electric Guitar

Monday, January 13, 2014

Real Love by Dr. Yousuf Raza

An inspirational talk by Dr. Yousuf Raza on Real Love held in Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) Islamabad organized by Sunnah Protégés on 30th December 2013.