Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The story in the eyes

"Welcome Lisa, eat what I eat, live how I live what I plunder and pillage ..." (Genghis Khan - "The Simpson - episode of the monorail).

Indeed, every time I sit in front of monuments such as visiting hours, I imagine a historical figure, a sailor, a Saracen, or an abbot who can accompany me on the journey of exploration. I see this fictional intent in his era and I like living in a reconstruction scrutinize a little 'folk. A friend of mine is very good at this, and perhaps the only one who fails to do so, just read his two books "Brigands of the Piedmont" and "Your money or life." He is Alexander WORLD, great journalist from La Stampa of Turin. This step is for him who knows how to imagine the lives of soldiers of the fortress of Portovenere.

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