Monday, April 28, 2014

My Fairy

My fairy lives in her fairy land,
Not far away, just close to my heart,
She has the world’s best smile,
Away she goes, with her magical style,
She looks amazing when she walks,
Amuses everyone when she talks,
She is just like a shining star,
Sent to the world to remove all scars,
She glitters the environment with her charm,
Lightening up the moods of every arm,
She knows what to do in a bad time,
Fixes everything with a wave of lime,
A pure heart she has with the love that is divine,
Luckiest person on earth would drink her vine,
Qualities she has, is unlimited in number,
In her company, no one will get slumber,
Her presence gives the sweet love fragrance,
This drives everyone crazy taking all patience,
She doesn't even know how special she is,
Maybe in another life I will make it sure she knows,
May she get all what she has ever wanted,
I just know she is honest and will get the best,
In the end, I would like to confess,
She is the soul of my heart, nothing more, nothing less,
May Allah Almighty showers all the blessings on her,
Under which she flourish just like an angel,
My fairy lives in her fairy land,
Not far away, just close to my heart.

Ahmed Zaidi

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Badaltey Dekhay Hain !!

Yaqeen karain bhi to kis per karain aakhir,
hum ne logon key imaan badaltey dekhay hain,

mazi ki yaad mein jeenay walon hosh men aao,
hum ne waqt key halaat badaltey dekhay hain,

Gila karain kisi sey to kyun ker karain aakhir,
hum ne be-hissi key aamaal badaltey dekhay hain,

hiddat sey pighal jatey hen pathar bhi akser,
hum ne kaheen pathar dil bhi pighaltey dekhay hain,

hikmat yeh hi hey key bhool jo aagay berho,
hum ne mustaqbil key kha o khaal badaltey dekhay hain,

badal key khud ko bhi dekha,magar dil na badla,
hum ne sachay dil walley chaal badaltey dekhay hain,

chalo maaf kertey hen sab khataon ko un ki,
hum ne zindagi key kayee mor badaltey dekhay hain,

faida kuch bhi nahi ab aanso bahaney sey,
hum ne musafaton key ahwal badaltey dekhay hain,

aakhir ko kat hi jata hey waqt tanhai key sath,
hum ne tanhai men apney kayee saal badaltey dekhay hain,