Sunday, November 30, 2008

Reality in Darkness

Reality in Darkness

I was born about noon in the shade of magnolias

Wearing the rose-colored glasses of trust

Everything to lose, but still I flew higher

When I took that one fatal glance at the earth

You were born on a night without trees or spectacles

Aspiring to mediocrity and lacking in love

So I knelt on the ground with my knees in the dirt

And now I'm the same height as you

I know in my heart that you're all that I have

(I've lost my faith in sweet-smelling trees)

My rose-colored glasses have turned a dark gray

And my noon in the shade disappeared

It's hard to believe that it's worth it to lose

But I happen to know from experience

The wings of naiveté hold so few pounds

And land is more stable than sky

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